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So does anyone have a swap meet table for Yaoi-Con that they'd be willing to let me buy into? I registered way too late to sign up for it apparently.
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So, Fanime plans? What do you mean it's only two weeks away? Pssssssssssssh.

Anyway, as far as plans go, depending on how my boss tosses his verdict, I might be there on Thursday, might be there late night Friday. We'll see. I'm hoping for the full weekend though.

edit: I'll be there the whole weekend! Woo!!!

As far as costumes go, not a whole lot that's new. Been keeping really busy with wedding plans and such.

Kaname - Full Metal Panic
Secret Character - Ace Attorney Gathering *new*
Konoha - Aracana Hearts *new*
Kaylee - Firefly
Chie - P4
Ruko - Vocaloid Synchronicity ???? I'll only bring this one if others will be bringing theirs, and I have no idea if that's in their plans so....let me know? Plz?

That's all I have for now. If I'm forgetting anything important, or if you guys want me to bring something else, let me know ASAP so I can get it on the list.

Thanks! See you at Fanime!

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So jing_ko and I are wanting to put together a panel for Fanime this year about cosplaying for different type/size bodies. We don't want to leave any body shape out of this, so if there's something you've learned over the years that's a brilliant idea, or even something that you consider basic and want to share with all the future and aspiring cosplayers out there, leave a comment and we'll put it all together.

All tips/suggestions will be accredited to those who give them, so leave what name you'd like to be accredited as or if you'd just like to be anonymous.

Thank you for being willing to help not only jing_ko and I, but all the cosplayers who just wanna know more.

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What's your favorite thing to do on long car rides?

Strangely enough, I like to do hand sewing when I'm not driving. Weirdest time had to be when I was on my way down to a convention. I had to put some hooks and eyes onto a skirt. So in order to not lose the mate, I put the eye on the tip of my tongue while I sewed the hook on. Needless to say I got a couple of odd looks from people inside and outside of the car.

If I don't happen to have any projects on "hand" or happen to be driving, putting on musical soundtracks and singing along.


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and because everyone needs kittehs :3

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So I'm trying to put together the casual and summer version for Chie for Fanime and I'm having a pretty hard time finding reference pictures for her lower half. I've been able to find a couple of pictures, all of them fanart obviously, but i'm finding nothing as far as official imagery.

These are the links to the pictures I've found for the casual outfit:




I haven't found anything for the summer version. From what I can tell, it's a pair of purple/dark blue running shorts? Maybe? And then there's a large orange thing on the front? I have no idea. Anyone who can help out, it is greatly appreciated.

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Hey folks, so long story short, Jacob and I saved a kitten from certain death (aka the pound) and so my family is fostering him for a little bit until we can find a new family for him. We're not looking to sell him, just get him to a loving home.

He's extremely affectionate and chill, and doesn't like to be alone. We're having a bit of a time integrating him with our other cats, but that may just take a little bit more time than one day. We'll see.

Unfortunately, the previous owners didn't deem it necessary to litter train him or get him his shots and since he's only 8 weeks, he isn't neutered yet. We're working on the litter training, and if you know anyone who would like to adopt him, we can talk about how to go about getting his shots.

I'll get a picture of him up later tonight for a better description. He's a tabby mix with white patches and lovely hazel eyes.

If you or anyone you know would be interested, shoot me a text if you have my number or leave me a PM. Thanks for helping save a kitten in need!

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I blame guardianlegend for the insanity.

Politically Correct Red Riding HoodCollapse )

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It was sunny today!! Even for just a few hours, the sun shone bright and clear! Yay!

I loved the rain as much as the next person, but after a week and a half of rain....it pretty damn depressing just to get out of bed in the morning.

Now if only the fog would stop rolling in. That'd be great.
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I submitted an entry for the Wacom Dreams Contest through DeviantArt that's going on right now and from Dec.16-Dec.22, people who fav any artwork will be counted towards a "Community Fav" award. My entry is my latest submission entitled "All Because of Love". Please fav it! Even temporarily!

And if you feel so inspired, tell your friends about it! Share the love! More love is always wanted!

Thanks so much for your support and...well, love!

Art piece can be found here:


EDIT: DAMMIT why do I have to so HTML lame?!?

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