silverxplayer's Journal

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Uhm....I'm random person #1046 at all the anime conventions you go to, and I'm either staffing or on stage doing something horribly crazy and convoluted that'll become one of the next Youtube crazes....ok, so that's only happened once, but it was still really fun, and we're gonna do it again at Fanime 08...hopefully.

I'm ...
~a cosplayer/crossplayer,
~a romantic at heart with no romantic life to speak of (except for my secret affairs with romance novels and my sewing machine),
~a masochist in my education and work life (have yet to experiment in other areas),
~a cat-lady in training,
~an actress,
~a horribly disorganized person who tries to live the organized life,
~a singer in choirs and 'June Carter Cash' in a Johnny Cash tribute band,
~an aspiring physical therapist,
~a Sesshoumaru fangirl,
~and.............lots of other stuff I don't feel like adding right now...becauseI'mlazyandIsaidso XP